In Kuwait, the majority number of cars are owned by its community compared with those in other neighboring Arab nations which puts Kuwait in the lead position among the Arab nations and the 6th around the world according to a report issued in 2014 via Russian organization AUTOSTAT. This indicated that there is a high demand for the car wash services in Kuwait due to its increasing number of cars each year.

Today’s idea of “car wash service” means to take a lot of time from the person’s day to drive to the closest car wash and wait in line to get a very basic service. People spend up to an hour waiting in a long queue for their turn to get a car wash and to spend another hour waiting for the service to be done. Especially for the busy parents or students with a busy work schedule and never-ending to-do lists, they don't generally have time to do the surface cleaning for their car nor to drive to the drive through car wash.


 picture of the horrendous  swirls . (source:  https://goo.gl/Z9vjKX )

picture of the horrendous swirls . (source: https://goo.gl/Z9vjKX)

Not to mention, you probably won't like it when you recognize how bad drive through car wash is for your car's exterior paint, the harmful spinners that brush up against the car to take off the dirt cause scratches and swirls which makes your car less shiny and look older. To avoid that from happening we recommend that you to give your car to expert detailers.


Ghaseel concept was designed to save your time and provide you on-the-go lifestyle. We believe convenience is an essential thing and Ghaseel is here to make your life easier.


Ghaseel is the first and the biggest application for car wash services in Kuwait, with Ghaseel you can order a car wash at home, work or any preferred location from one of our highly skilled service providers available on Ghaseel platform. Ghaseel collaborates with more than 40 car wash companies, they provide a variety of services from normal car wash service and up-to car detailing service like Nano wax, polish, engine cleaning, tough spots removal etc. and you can simply compare services and prices before placing your order and for your convenience Ghaseel accepts cash on delivery and K-net payment on our app.

With Ghaseel you can schedule your wash ahead of time just enter your address, car type, choose the company and the package that you want and book your next wash with a click. You’ll be able to spend more time to finish your important tasks and spend more time with your family and friends while the car gets washed right in front of your house or any preferred location. Ghaseel is available for iOS users and Android users, download Ghaseel now and book your next car wash while you are relaxed at home.

Once you #GetGhaseel you'll never go back to a regular car wash again.

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